Wide shot of a telecommunication tower overlooking mountains and sky.


Our specialist remote sensing equipment is equipped with the latest sensors to provide exceptionally detailed views of live assets, including a combination of RBG, LiDAR and thermal data for a single asset.

Aerial view of construction site as captured by Sensorem drone equipment.

Various industries including Mining, Power and Utility companies continue to benefit from our advanced remote sensing technologies, We focus on reducing downtime and overall cost, while improving overall levels of safety for our clients. Our live streaming capabilities also allow live viewing by engineering and inspect teams.

Our inspection methodology circumvents the need for working at heights and in confined spaces, while also being levels of magnitude faster than traditional inspection methods. The result is a much more cost effective solution with fewer potential issues and better data. Depending on the asset, we can utilise data fusion to capture a single asset with up to five different sensors, showcasing all data captured in a single view.

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We don’t just specialise in advanced inspections. Our 3D models are developed by our modelling team in our data analysis centre in Perth, WA. These models are developed following industry standard capture methodology, with drone flight planning software, to ensure all aspects of the asset are captured. 

Our industry standard 3D modelling software allows for accurate models to be created from photogrammetry and LiDAR data, in a short turnaround time. Our 3D models are georeferenced, with high resolution imagery taken, so a true digital record of your assets can be developed for future maintenance planning.

3D computer model of a large water tank.




Sensorem, over the last 4 years has been tasked to complete live Flare Stack inspections at Murrin Murrin nickel & cobalt processing plant, with focus on the condition on the flare tip, guy wires and guy wire attachments.

With this inspection traditionally being completed over 5 days, requiring a team of contractors and large crane equipment, significant cost savings were achieved by utilising DJI Industrial Drones, completing the inspection in a few hours. For the 85 metre stack, HD still, HD video and thermal cameras were selected, with all imagery transmitted live to the engineering team, allowing for immediate feedback on the progress of the inspection. All imagery was recorded and provided as a record for future inspection comparison. The Drone equipment proved highly capable, with daytime temperatures reaching 46’C, and winds at 25kts. Other inspections completed on site included the FAT tower, Furnace, HRS tower, Convertor and telecommunications tower.