Ed Boxall

Managing Director

Ed has been the company director since it established in 2013. 27 years and 15,000hrs as a commercial airline pilot. Experienced with all commercial and technical aspects of complex industrial asset inspections. Project lead for the Telstra national digital transformation project.

Matthew Zafir

Operations & Business Development

Matt has 10 years’ experience with full lifecycle remote sensing projects globally across 65 countries, utilising Thermal, Large format RGB, LiDAR and Hyperspectral sensors from manned aviation platforms. Experience deploying BVLOS drone operations globally and implementing drone-in-a-box solutions for complex industrial use cases. 

David Young

Processing & Analysis Manager

David has 10 years’ experience in the Royal Australian Navy as an advanced communications technician, followed by a decade of experience installing and maintaining complex communications networks in remote areas. Dave’s asset inspection and maintenance experience is vital in undertaking QC/QA of all imagery and data. Especially ground based imagery.  

Timothy Johnston

Chief Remote Pilot

Tim has 13 years experience with Sensorem as the Chief Remote Pilot, personally flying the most complex industrial asset inspection projects undertaken. Tim ensures all pilots are sufficiently trained and experienced for safe UAV operations under Sensorems ReOC, and is the central conduit between CASA and Sensorem.

Addison Ogg

Incoming Chief Remote Pilot

Joshua Wesson

GIS Specialist

Gregory Edmonds

Technical Architect

Cooper Smart

Project Manager

Bronwyn Smith

Project Coordinator

Heena Gupta

Data Analyst

Nirmaljeetsingh Bal

Telecommunications Data Analyst

Liam Moore

Remote Pilot, South Australia

Wan Nick Rosihan

Remote Pilot, Victoria

Nick De Bruin

Remote Pilot, Victoria

Santosh Venkatagiri

Remote Pilot, New South Wales

David Nott

Remote Pilot, Queensland

Todd Buters

Remote Pilot, Western Australia

Thomas Mattock

Remote Pilot, Western Australia

Hamish Duddy

Remote Pilot, Victoria

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