Sensorem boasts a dedicated team of in-house data analysts to complement our fleet of drones and drone pilots.

drone shot from above of a network tower

Data collection is only one step of the turnkey solution Sensorem can provide to clients, with our dedicated team providing valuable insights and analysis from captured data. Utilising the latest machine learning technology, collaboration with in-house and external subject matter experts, and constant upskilling, our team is able to provide a complete analysis of your asset.

With our dedication to in-house analytics, Sensorem is able to provide effective analysis to clients, to save them time and money. Sensorem pride themselves on delivery of high quality reports, with key issues highlighted from raw data. Data is effectively catalogued and ordered, to save time dealing with cumbersome raw datasets. 

Our emphasis is always on delivery of client specific needs, and we regularly work with clients to focus on their key areas of concern. From pre-project planning, through capture, to analysis and delivery, we work closely with clients to ensure our analysis is useful immediately.




Sensorem is currently working with Telstra and Amplitel in the analysis of their telecommunications tower network, with its massive footprint that extends from the metropolitan area to remote parts of Australia, including numerous Indigenous communities dotted throughout the inland regions.

To date, Sensorem has conducted ground-based technical site assessments and condition monitoring for more than 1700 telco towers. This, it should be noted, is the largest project of its kind in Australia. These sites are remotely audited by our team of data analysts, using ultra-high resolution UAV imaging data, before being transformed into digital twins, and published to our well-known, proprietary digital asset management (DAM) platform, vertikalitiTELCO.
Our vertikalitiTELCO platform is currently being integrated into Telstra’s ERP and maintenance platforms.