Aerial survey of trees captured by Sensorem drone technology.


Accurate, reliable, survey data is a significant benefit to any business, and we pride  ourselves at Sensorem with our delivery of high quality, aerial mapping and survey services.

We utilise the latest technology including multi-rotor, powered-lift and fixed-wing drones, with detailed terrain following flight planning to allow efficient capture with the benefit of time and money saved. Paired with accurate ground survey methodology including RTK positioning and ground control with the Trimble GPS, we are able to produce accurate data for your needs. 

Utilising drone technology, we are able to provide highly accurate data when compared to traditional fixed-wing, satellite or ground capture. Further, this data is collected in a more cost and time effective manner. We have completed large scale survey projects for clients using LiDAR, photogrammetry and multispectral data, to provide them with a complete picture of their desired area. This data was delivered with centimetre accuracy, with rigorous QA/QC procedures to ensure the product our client receives is exactly what they need.

STAY AHEAD of the curve

MagArrow Magnetometer

The UAS deployable Geometrics MagArrow is engineered to simplify surveys that are difficult due to the various limitations of pilot-on-board surveys and ground surveys.

White Geometrics MagArrow used by Sensorem.

RedEdge-MX Multispectral Camera

The MicaSense RedEdge-MX payload integrates two five-band cameras, enabling advanced remote sensing and vegetation research applications.

RedEdge-MX Multispectural camera attached to a Sensorem drone.




Sensorem has been working with the DPRID to locate Skeleton Weed in WA.

Sensorem has been using new remote sensing data collection technology to complement traditional surveillance methods for locating Skeleton Weed  in the WA wheatbelt. Through the program funder, the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme (IFS), Sensorem has been able to develop a method to collect very accurate and ultra high resolution RGB aerial data, which is post processed using machine learning technologies. Sensorem and Perth based boutique software developer, Phobos, combined expertise to form a new company Precise Ai. Precise Ai was formed with the aim of harnessing image recognition and machine learning to provide precision software tools. Precise Ai has developed a unique software application “OptiWeed”, that is dedicated to the Skeleton Weed program. Sensorem will be collecting data across 20,000 hectares throughout the 2019/2020 season.