Sensorem is a leading drone and remote sensing full-solution service provider based in Perth, Western Australia, with a proven track record of excellence across the state’s resource, industrial and utilities sectors. Sensorem’s parent company – the Aerodyne Group, is a global leader in the emerging area of AI-driven digital transformation, harnessing cutting edge drone technology and integrated software solutions.

Our in-house expertise, combined with a recent track record of developing and delivering solutions for a wide range of clients, means that we are uniquely qualified to deliver complex projects. Our highly specialised in-house capabilities and IP, along with our experience delivering similar projects means that we can offer a full turn-key service without the need to contract out any of the critical elements of this project.

Sensorem offers asset inspection and aerial surveying services, using the latest innovations in drone and sensor technology to produce high-precision 3D models, Digital Twins, LiDAR point cloud data, data analysis, defect detection, with final deliverables provided through our integrated online asset management platforms. Since its inception in 2013, Sensorem has, over time, generated, analysed and retained an unsurpassed volume of data via 3000 complex asset captures in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Australia.